Fighting Readmission Burnout for Families?

“Why aren’t they getting it?” We hear family members say this to us all the time. I often ask how long the loved one has been using and use the same analogy to help them look at addiction a little differently. Here is my analogy: If we throw a toddler into a professional baseball game, of course, they will have no idea what is going on. Each time they are up to bat, they learn a little more

Am I Addicted To Opioids?

Do you find yourself taking more Opioid pain medication than what you are prescribed? Do you check the clock frequently, hoping it is time for your next dose? Are you running out of medication before your next refill? Are beginning to feel the medication is losing its effectiveness and you need more and more just to feel okay? Have you ever purchased an opioid illegally or gotten some from a friend in a time of need?

Ocean County Heroin Deaths

Donna Weaver wrote an article for The Press of Atlantic City entitled “Ocean County surge in heroin deaths spurs action to prevent tragedies“. She noted that Ocean County, NJ is on track to double the number of drug-related deaths on record for 2012. Already this year there are 54 deaths on record (53 at the time of that article). …

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Inpatient Detox v. Outpatient Detox

In order to understand why outpatient detox for drug addicts and alcoholics rarely gives satisfactory results, we have to review a couple of things about addiction. Addiction is a compulsion to use a substance or behavior to alter the way we feel. However, it is more than that: it is a physical and emotional way …

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How long does alcohol detox last, and what can I do to relieve the symptoms?

Alcohol withdrawal without medical help can, and frequently does, result in some or all of the following: extreme anxiety, disorientation, hallucinations, sleep disorders, hand tremors, nausea, sweating, seizures, blood pressure spikes, and racing pulse. Delirium tremens (DTs — physical and visual hallucinations accompanied by terror reactions) may be present. In the worst cases, untreated alcohol …

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So, What’s The Story On Cannabis Addiction And Detox?

Cannabis users sometimes develop a mild physical addiction, with withdrawal symptoms that can last several weeks. These usually include the jitters, occasional other symptoms, and emotional unease. There have been a few reports of psychotic episodes, but it has not been established that those were due to removal of the chemicals. They may have been …

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No Drugs or Booze in the Food Pyramid

Recent research indicates that as the intake of alcohol and other drugs increases, the quality of meals declines.  According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey, both male and female alcoholics made worse food choices the more they used. This is important to people in detox and early recovery, because, in addition to the issues of food selection, …

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