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Drug addiction is the uncontrollable repeated use of substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and street drugs such as heroin, amphetamines, cocaine, and cannabis despite their damaging effect on the brain. Used over time, a person’s ability to stop using these drugs becomes impossible without medical intervention. This is due to repeated drug use’s long-term effects on different parts of the brain concerned with reward and motivation, control over behavior, and memory.
Drug addiction is a chronic disease that requires treatment for patients to stop using. An effective drug addiction rehab program helps a person stop using drugs, remain drug-free, and be a productive member in the family and society.

Sunrise Detox offers drug addiction in an inpatient setting where our professional medical staff work with the patient in providing treatment that works best for the individual. The drug treatment provided at Sunrise Detox uses counseling and medications that help re-establish normal brain function and reduce cravings. 

The success of Sunrise Detox hinges on effectively treating each patient’s needs and thus diminishing risk for relapsing. A combination of drug detox, counseling, behavioral therapies and medications, specific to the person’s addiction, are used to provide treatment for drug addiction, and are modified and individualized for each client.

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If you or a loved one is suffering from any of these diseases associated with drug addiction and is in need of help, please contact us now. Some of the symptoms they may be experience are below.


Drug Addiction Detox Center

Our drug addiction treatment offers counseling and medication to treat withdrawal symptoms during drug detox, evaluation and treatment for depression and anxiety, and long-term follow up after the patient completes drug detox in order to prevent relapsing.
We have several drug addiction centers throughout the country. Check out the nearest one to you and recover your health, and your life

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