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Detox For ADHD And Addiction

It could seem impossible to stop taking alcohol or drugs when you battle with both ADHD and addiction. But you can find help. Take the initial step towards recovery with medical detox at Sunrise Detox Center. maintain your comfort and safety during detox while supplying additional mental health treatment for ADHD/ADD. When you’re set to fight addiction, contact us at 888-443-3869 to get started on the admissions process.

Escape The Addiction-ADHD Spiral With Support From Sunrise Detox Center

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (often known as attention deficit disorder) can make it challenging to accomplish everyday tasks, leading to persistent anxiety and other negative feelings. You could find that drugs or alcohol mitigate these feelings and provide a sense of normality when you use them. However, these substances make you feel even more out of control when they wear off. As your body develops a tolerance, you’ll have to use more often, or in higher doses, to achieve the same euphoric feeling. The more you take dependency-causing substances to deal with ADHD, the more challenging it is to quit, and you find that you’re caught in what’s referenced as the addiction-ADHD spiral.

ADHD is a common core cause of substance use disorders. When you are trapped in a cycle of self-medication with addictive substances, quitting without expert help can put you at risk. The Sunrise team is skilled in the addiction-ADHD spiral and how to manage withdrawal symptoms around co-occurring disorders. We provide expert detox support for adults at our modern residential facility. We’ll help you detox from alcohol or drugs safely while remaining attentive to your ADHD. Contact us at 888-443-3869 today to get admitted and get help immediately.

How We Help You Through ADHD And Addiction

Detox is the opening step in substance use recovery. In the detox process, you quit using these substances and permit your body to eliminate them from your system. At Sunrise, we help you navigate withdrawal and stay safe with competent medical care. We also provide mental health treatment via counseling and management of medications for co-occurring disorders such as ADHD. Working collaboratively, we can get you feeling stronger and better than before.

Medical Support During Detox

It’s almost impossible to detox from alcohol or drugs on your own. Sunrise professionals are highly trained in addiction treatment and detox methodologies to make sure your detox is successful and safe. We consistently monitor your vital signs and provide FDA-sanctioned medications for your most distressing withdrawal symptoms.

We also make every effort to keep you as comfortable as possible with a cozy bedroom and a flexible schedule to allow for recuperation. Healthy meals and snacks, pleasant outdoor and indoor break areas, in-room smart televisions, and included baths present an uplifting for beginning your recovery. And our personnel are here and available at all times to accommodate your needs.

Mental Health Treatment During Detox

Your physical condition is our chief concern during detox, but we provide thorough treatment at Sunrise. Your mental and emotional well-being is also paramount to a successful recovery. During intake, you’ll undergo a personal evaluation where we’ll find out about co-occurring disorders. We can talk about how co-occurring disorders like ADHD impact your alcohol or drug use and what support you need for treating ADHD/ADD and addiction at our treatment center. Then, we’ll make sure you can take any medication you bring for managing ADHD.

We also make available non-mandatory mental health counseling. Whenever you are up for it, you can choose to attend:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Peer support sessions

During therapy, you can begin to investigate how ADHD influences your substance use and develop healthy coping methods for staying off substances while improving your mental health. Through group therapy and peer support meetings, you’ll meet people with similar experiences and who are there to support you.

If you feel ready to begin tackling the mental aspect of addiction, the experts at Sunrise Detox Center are pleased to guide you. Contact us at 888-443-3869 anytime to learn more.

Why Go To Sunrise Detox Center For Drug And Alcohol Detox?

If ADHD contributes to your addiction or makes quitting difficult, Sunrise can help. We recognize the challenges you face and do everything in our power to help you get through detox safely and comfortably. We strive to provide a valuable detox experience and establish the groundwork for the rest of the recovery process. We do this with outstanding care that features:

  • Withdrawal treatment that is safe and proven to work
  • Voluntary mental health care
  • Dedicated, 24/7 medical support
  • A relaxing, furnished bedroom with an attached bath
  • Wholesome food cooked in-house
  • Common recreational areas and activities
  • Patient confidentiality and privacy
  • Guidance for insurance and billing questions
  • Aftercare counseling

We’re Ready To Assist You With ADHD And Addiction Today

Sunrise is available for you whenever you’re set to get control of your ADHD and addiction. Call 888-443-3869 or send in our contact form for immediate help. A representative will respond promptly to talk about our detox services. We will guide you now, no matter the day or time.