Our Veterans Alcohol And Drug Detox Program

Our Veteran and Military Services Program aims to serve each Veteran and their family members with skilled and accessible inpatient alcohol and drug detox in Orlando and Millbury, MA. Our treatments are conducted in an environment that shows understanding and support for the distinct experiences of Veterans and military families. It’s one small way that Sunrise Detox Center can say “Thank you” and support our armed forces’ heroes.


Commitment To Our Veterans

We offer individualized care led by dedicated and accredited clinical and medical experts with decades of experience in addiction treatment and evidence-based methodologies. Sunrise Detox Center works hand-in-hand with many U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) providers to ensure our substance use and behavioral health treatments address specific healthcare needs.

We are devoted to life-changing addiction support for Veterans and their families. Our services will help you develop new skills for a more effective recovery while treating you with the empathy and compassion you deserve.

Exterior building of Evolve in Orlando with veterans drug rehab program

Your Source For A Continuum Of Care

Sunrise Detox Center works together with local Orlando and Millbury, MA VA facilities to provide and organize varying levels of treatment for approved Veterans served by the VA Community Care Network (CCN).

At the foundation of our work is a proven Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment model developed to accommodate the full spectrum of addiction treatment requirements from inpatient to outpatient therapy that complements and supports the VA system of care. Our treatment model has been proven to be successful in helping VA patients accomplish stability, improved health, and recovery from substance use and mental health disorders. Elements of our treatment model are:

  • Immediate access to a full spectrum of substance use care from detox to outpatient counseling
  • Case governance and support coordination with VA providers
  • Specially designed Veteran-centered psychiatry, internal medicine, counseling care, and peer support
  • Medication-assisted treatment with FDA-authorized medications
  • Meditation exercises as a co-adjuvant treatment to decrease anxiety
  • Transportation provided to and from our treatment centers

Comfort Away From Home


A patient with a doctor working as part of the veterans drug rehab program in

Specially Designed Substance Use Disorder Care for Veterans

OptumServe has credentialed Sunrise Detox Center as an approved provider under the VA’s Community Care Network to provide entitled Veterans with specialized Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment in Orlando and Millbury, MA.

If you’re an eligible VA patient, you are able to benefit from support at Sunrise Detox Center through a referral from your community VA facility or VA provider. Once the VA or VA provider makes the referral, we are able to quickly coordinate care with the VA, ensuring that you have complete access to the therapies and services in our programs while setting a time for your return to the VA for other support.

Sunrise Detox Center participates in case discussions with area VA administration to ensure program effectiveness and the continued plan of care. And we frequently request feedback from Veterans and their families to ensure that we are performing to your satisfaction.

You Are Entitled To The Top Veterans’ Drug And Alcohol Rehab Program

The sacrifice each Veteran and Veteran family has made to protect and serve our country instills a unique responsibility on every VA CCN provider to do their part in a professional, effective, and prompt fashion. We welcome the privilege of that duty and we are motivated in all aspects of our work to make certain you and your family understands the depth of our gratitude. To talk to a SUD representative, call 888-443-3869 or complete the following form today!