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Are You An Alcoholic? Take Our Alcohol Use Assessment

While suffering from an alcohol use disorder can wreak havoc on your health and friendships, the signs of a disorder can be difficult to see. If you’re concerned whether you or a family member’s alcohol routines have become a disorder, our Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) Assessment can help. Take this quiz to find out more regarding the indications of alcohol use disorder and determine if it’s right time to go to rehab.

What Is Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcoholism is a persistent condition where a person displays behaviors of problematic alcohol use that impede their life. The degrees of alcohol use disorder can vary, ranging from light to extreme addiction, and can negatively impact someone’s physical and mental health, employment or education, and social life.

What Are A Few Indicators Of Alcohol Use Disorder?

People with alcohol use disorder might be dealing with:

  • Strong urges to drink
  • Little or no control over their use
  • Drinking that leads to negative consequences
  • Physical and mental health issues directly related to alcohol use
  • Disruptive work or school attendance caused by drinking
  • Relationship issues caused by drinking

Is There A Cure For Alcoholism?

An alcohol use disorder cannot be cured in the traditional way, but a professional treatment center can teach you to understand the triggers and trauma for drinking and help you stay sober.

The sooner you start help, the more likely recovery will happen. Start by using our alcohol use quiz and getting ahold of Sunrise Detox Center by calling 888-443-3869 if you still have questions or want detox or rehab for your alcohol use. Sunrise is ready to take you if you’re ready.

*This assessment should not be seen as a substitute for a proper clinical evaluation.

Treatment for a substance use disorder often involves a combination of counseling, medication management, and support. Detox is usually the first step to a safe recovery where you can clean out your body of alcohol and manage withdrawal symptoms. From there, our clinicians can help craft a customized treatment plan for a stable recovery.