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Fentanyl Detox

Fentanyl can be a dangerous drug not just because of its addictive properties but also since it is commonly cut with other illicit substances. If you develop an addiction to fentanyl, you should seek help right away. And the opening stage of recovery is through a medically supervised detox to clean your body of the opioid.

Sunrise Detox Center offers proper support to gradually taper you off fentanyl while minimizing withdrawal symptoms. Your life is of great importance. Don’t put it in danger by continuing your usage or trying to quit on your own. Rather, contact 888-443-3869 and get started toward recovery.

How Do You Know If You Should Enter Fentanyl Detox?

Initially developed as a legal anesthetic in the 1960s, fentanyl is often improperly used, manufactured illicitly, and recklessly combined with other drugs including heroin and cocaine. Similar to other opioid painkillers, the feelings of pleasure it generates makes it extremely habit-forming. You may be dependent if you experience any of the following:

● Withdrawal symptoms appear when not on fentanyl

● Steady impulses to keep taking fentanyl

● Withdrawal from family and friends or a change in social circles

● Acquiring and using the substance becomes more vital than meeting day-to-day commitments

● Wild mood fluctuations and lethargy

● Realizing that you need more of the drug to get the feelings of euphoria

Every individual’s experience with fentanyl use disorder will be unique. The bottom line is you must get help. The potency of this opioid and the severity of withdrawal make quitting alone very dangerous. Don’t put your life in jeopardy. Consult with the detox experts at Sunrise Detox Center.

What To Anticipate From Fentanyl Detox At Sunrise Detox Center

Sunrise provides the opportunity for you to detox with respect and dignity in an unbiased surrounding. We are devoted to what we do and follow a personalized approach to addiction care. This starts with an examination that considers the level of your fentanyl consumption, medical background, overall health, and presence of other drugs. From there we can personalize a plan of treatment.

In addition to an individualized plan, we’ll give you a nicely furnished room to relax in and boost your vitality with nutritious meals and snacks. Keeping you comfortable is vital, and a big part of this is managing withdrawal through medication-assisted treatment and additional methods. We are experts in dealing with a range of withdrawal symptoms, such as:

● Muscle or bone aches and pain

● Nausea and vomiting

● Diarrhea

● Insomnia and restlessness

● Cravings

● Increased heart rate and blood pressure

● Mood swings

● Anxiety

● Depression

As you progress through detox, we’ll encourage you to engage in one-on-one and group therapy. This is valuable in coping with the triggers and trauma of your substance use. Then we’ll help get you prepared for your next step of rehab.

How Long Is Fentanyl Detox?

Since we provide a personalized approach, the length of time you spend with us can vary. As a general rule, people are able to get through fentanyl detox within seven days, although prolonged plans of treatment are common. The amount of time you are here can be affected by:

● The degree of your fentanyl consumption

● The presence of addictions to other drugs

● Your physical and mental state

● How you respond to treatment

We need to make certain you are physically stable and prepared for the following steps of treatment. With that in mind, we put an emphasis on aftercare planning, which provides a clear roadmap to your recovery.

How Can Sunrise Ensure Safety During Fentanyl Detox?

a woman sitting on a comfortable bedMaking the decision to get help and beginning your fentanyl detox is a major milestone in ensuring your safety against this potentially lethal opioid. Once you enter our facility, you’ll be kept safe by the extra safety measures we have put in place, including:

● Around-the-clock care from credentialed medical personnel

● A controlled environment far from external factors that trigger fentanyl use

● Custom-tailored treatment plans to fit your unique condition

● Aftercare planning to give you a detailed guideline of the phases of your recovery

● Strict patient privacy guidelines to keep your personally identifiable information and treatment details safeguarded

Our well-trained staff will also ensure you don’t develop a secondary addiction to medication used in treatment. We commonly utilize Suboxone with opioid detox as it is beneficial and not as addictive as other choices. To maintain safety when providing this medication, we follow these guidelines:

● Delay using Suboxone in the earliest stages of care to prevent precipitated withdrawal

● Provide a trial dose and monitor your response

● Adjust the dose if required or utilize other treatments

● Cautiously taper you off Suboxone

Begin Your Recovery With Fentanyl Detox

Don’t let a fentanyl addiction ruin your life. Discover the help you need at our fentanyl detox. We’ll keep you protected, help you through withdrawal, and start you on a road to enduring sobriety. Dial 888-443-3869 or submit the following form to request help. We are ready for you day or night, all year long.


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