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Sunrise Detox Palm Beach

Get started on your road to drug and alcohol use recovery at Sunrise Detox Palm Beach. Our beautiful, comfortable facility is the ideal place to take control of your life with medically supervised detox treatment in Palm Beach. You will be supported by licensed clinicians and caregivers who are committed to gradually tapering you off substances in a safe and effective manner.

You will get the rest you need in up-to-date, fully furnished bedrooms that come with televisions and private bathrooms. When you’re up for it, you are invited to visit our variety of patient sites, such as our community lounge. You will also be provided tasty and nutritious, chef-prepared meals and have the chance to grab snacks and drinks whenever you like.

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Sunrise Detox Palm Beach
3185 Boutwell Road, Lake Worth, FL, 33461

Individualized Drug And Alcohol Detox Treatment

Sunrise Detox believes drug and alcohol detox treatment is most successful when it is individualized to your exact situation. We design your unique plan with support from highly trained medical professionals who watch over your condition 24 hours a day. You will taper off substances safely and with medicine to minimize withdrawal symptoms. Whenever you’re up for it, you are able to partake in therapy to prepare you for the ensuing stages of your recovery.

If you would like to to begin today, contact 888-443-3869 or submit the form below.

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Sunrise Detox Center has ten detox centers across the nation. Click the link to see all of our locations.