Cocaine Detox

Cocaine is an addictive stimulant made from the crushed leaves of coca plants, and used by medical drug labs for valid medicinal use. The use of cocaine for recreational purposes is illegal and puts it in the street drug category.

Addiction to cocaine is a psychological and physical dependency that causes an individual to seek and use cocaine often and repeatedly. Regular use of cocaine affects the brain release of dopamine, a naturally produced chemical responsible for the feel good effect one gets when happy. Cocaine inhibits this naturally occurring chemical in the body and replaces it with feelings of euphoria, high alertness and energy levels, irritability, paranoia, preoccupation with obtaining and using cocaine, and ultimately engaging in dangerous and illegal behavior to obtain money for the purchase of cocaine.

People who abuse cocaine tend to use other drugs. Medical detox from cocaine is the recommended approach when a person is serious about removing cocaine use from their life.

Sunrise Detox offers supervised cocaine medical detox that prevents the risk of withdrawal complications, of which depression and suicide is the most alarming. Cocaine detox withdrawal symptoms last approximately 2 weeks, although duration varies for each person. Sunrise Detox is a medical detox center where the immediate symptoms of withdrawals are treated under trained, medical professionals who will monitor and keep the patient safe during the withdrawal period.

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