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Detox For Co-occurring Disorders

Certain disorders, like depression or anxiety, are commonly a trigger for drug or alcohol abuse. If that’s the situation for you, you’re more likely to conquer your addiction if you get therapy for your co-occurring mental disorder, as well. Sunrise delivers services for substance detox and co-occurring disorders. Reach out to 888-443-3869 today to find help and detox from habit-forming drugs or alcohol in a safe fashion.

Caring For Withdrawal And Co-occurring Disorders

Sunrise Detox Center administers detox services for adults as the opening step to drug or alcohol recovery. Addiction treatment commences with an assessment to help us understand your immediate state, medical background, and if you have any co-occurring disorders. Your personalized plan of care will help you detox with less severe withdrawal and will support your mental health.

Medical Treatment Throughout Detox

Your safety is our leading priority. During your detox, our skilled professionals will monitor your core vitals and take steps to enhance your comfort. We administer scientifically-backed medications to mitigate your distress, paying attention to dosage levels and timing to prevent the onset of a new addiction. We supply all your basic needs, including comfortable rooms and well-balanced meals. Our flexible schedule offers you ample rest. We support you for the span of detox until you are medically approved to take the next step in your recovery.

Psychological Support During Detox

Throughout detox, our chief concern is your physical well-being. Even so, we support you as a whole individual and recognize that detox and withdrawal could give rise to stress or trigger underlying mental illness. Our practitioners are here to provide emotional support and help you deal with your mental health for a more comprehensive detox experience.

If you bring prescription drugs with you, we will make certain you take them at the right times. We have team members on-site at all times to assist you and respond to any questions you might have. We also offer the following voluntary counseling and support groups:

  • Personal therapy to talk privately with a credentialed therapist
  • Group therapy with a qualified counselor supervising group discussions
  • Peer support groups with knowledgeable participants who can provide insights about addiction recovery

If you’re able, therapy can be invaluable to navigate through the mental health disorders that prompted your substance use. Sunrise is pleased to supply this foundation for better mental health. If you’re prepared to take control of your drug or alcohol use and mental health, dial 888-443-3869 now for immediate assistance.

Co-occurring Disorders We Manage Throughout Detox

Sunrise offers detox options along with support for various co-occurring disorders. We know that your mental health may be linked to your alcohol or drug use and should not be overlooked during detox. If you struggle with any of these complications, we can help.


Depression may have led you to take addictive drugs or alcohol, but it doesn’t have to hinder your recovery. Sunrise Detox Center will guide you through the preliminary step of detox while being cognizant of the feelings of depression. If you are taking anti-depressants, we will help you abide by your daily regimen over the course of detox.


Withdrawal can heighten feelings of anxiety. Our team is here to provide emotional support and help you feel protected while you detox from alcohol or drugs. We’ll ensure you get the medication necessary to keep your anxiety under control and successfully complete detox.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder poses distinct challenges for someone attempting addiction recovery. Our experienced clinicians know about those obstacles and are prepared to support you however you need during detox.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

After numbing your PTSD with dependency-causing substances, detox can seem frightening. The staff at Sunrise works to keep you relaxed and safe in our welcoming residential center.

Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

If ADHD has impeded your efforts to give up alcohol or drugs before, the Sunrise Detox Center clinicians will assist. We maintain a safe, drug-free facility to safeguard you from the triggers to use drugs or alcohol when you detox.

Why Choose Sunrise For Treating Co-occurring Disorders And Addiction

Contacting Sunrise Detox Center should be your initial step in your attempt to overcome addiction. Since substance use and mental health disorders need to be treated simultaneously, we do all we can to help you finish detox and progress in your addiction recovery journey. To improve your chances for success, we offer

  • Evidence-based medical treatment for withdrawal
  • Optional mental health therapy
  • Optional peer support sessions
  • Individualized care tailored to you
  • Cozy bedroom with private bath
  • An inviting, soothing setting
  • Nutritious, chef-cooked meals and drinks
  • A flexible schedule to encourage rest and recuperation
  • Community spaces and recreational activities
  • Protection from environmental and social triggers for alcohol or drug use
  • Complete patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Aftercare planning prior to release
  • Help with payment and insurance questions
  • Judgment-free, respectful treatment from thoughtful staff

Call Today For Assistance With Substance Use And Co-occurring Disorders

You are entitled to help for alcohol and drug use and co-occurring disorders. Sunrise is here for you. Reach out to 888-443-3869 or fill out the contact form on this page, and we will reply promptly to get you admitted to our detox facility. We are here to help 24/7, all year long.