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Complete Inpatient Medical Detox Services

Sunrise Detox understands that everyone reacts to detox in a different fashion, and there isn’t a single, universal answer for substance addiction. Due to this fact, we offer personalized medical detox services. Our medical professionals are trained to cut down on withdrawal symptoms and carefully taper you off substances according to your specific needs. With 24-hour care at one of our residential facilities, we allow you to safely detox and lay the groundwork for long-term recovery.

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Custom-Designed Medical Detox At Sunrise

Drug or alcohol addiction treatment is more effective whenever it’s customized to you. Our medical detox services begin with a thorough medical evaluation. After that’s complete, we’ll develop the right treatment plan and decide which medicines are needed to minimize symptoms of withdrawal. With a personalized care plan, we will keep you safe and as comfortable as we can during your stay.

You can count on having medical staff monitor your pulse, respiration, and other vitals 24 hours a day and ensure that you are progressing as expected and in a comfortable manner. Medical tapering is able to be altered according to your rate of advancement with dependable medications to minimize detrimental -- and potentially dangerous -- side effects. You may depend on our staff to respond to your inquiries and accommodate your exact requirements to help you detox productively.

Our Detox Process

Our medical detox services take into account all facets of drug and alcohol addiction. We keep you as calm and content as we are able while addressing addiction's underlying foundations with therapy. At  Sunrise Detox Center, you’ll receive understanding, skillful care from our staff.

    • Medically directed detox
    • Around-the-clock supervision
    • Relaxation and rejuvenation
    • Individual therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Peer coaching
    • Aftercare plan development
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Detox For Alcohol

Attempting alcohol detox alone might be damaging and even fatal. Our nurses and clinicians watch you around the clock to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and provide you with a safe medical detox. Through the use of Librium or additional verified medications, we are able to gradually loosen the hold of your alcohol dependency without sending your body into shock. This process allows you to remain as calm and relaxed as possible and concentrate on the subsequent levels of recovery.

Get Help with Alcohol Detox

Drug Detox

Drug use affects all aspects of your existence.  Sunrise Detox Center is able to help you starts the undertaking of recovery with detox from habit-forming drugs, like:

Subject to your individual treatment strategy, you may be tapered with assistance from medicine like Suboxone, which is administered and overseen around the clock by our medical staff.


Fostering A Lasting Recovery With An Aftercare Plan

Detox is just one step of substance use recovery. At Sunrise, we create an aftercare plan with you to aid you in staying sober after you depart. Every plan is different. We look at your particular case and talk over what you will need for ongoing treatment and support. And Sunrise Detox will still be here to provide assistance if you need us.

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Address Your Mental Well-Being With Private Therapy

Substance use disorder frequently is seen along with mental disorders, like depression, and previous trauma. Whenever you feel able, our skilled counselors offer care for the behavioral concerns affiliated with addiction. They incorporate evidence-based methodologies to verify and treat co-occurring disorders and help you practice proper coping skills to help you work toward a long lasting recovery.

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Gain Perspective From Others In Group Therapy

Sunrise provides voluntary group therapy twice daily and 12-step meetings in the evenings. Group therapy provides a safe place to talk through your personal experiences with addiction and hear from others with the same issues. This may help you examine your own circumstances and learn more about overcoming substance use. When you listen and participate in a group, you may lessen feelings of guilt, stress, and mental pain that you might encounter in recovery.


Gain More Ground Via Peer Mentoring

The more assistance you receive during detox, the more likely the probability of a successful recovery. Our peer support service brings you in touch with behavioral health specialists and people who are going through recovery from alcohol or drug addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. These individuals are specifically trained to advise you on your path to recovery and wish to see you be successful.

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