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Sunrise Detox Duluth

Begin your road to substance use recovery at Sunrise Detox Duluth. Our welcoming, comfortable facility is the right place to take control of your life with medically supervised alcohol and drug detox treatment in Duluth. You will be supported by licensed clinicians and caregivers who are dedicated to gradually tapering you off alcohol and drugs safely and effectively.

You will recover in tastefully decorated, fully furnished patient rooms featuring TVs and private bathrooms. Whenever you’re ready, you are encouraged to visit our many resident spaces, such as our fitness center. You will also enjoy healthy and tasty, chef-made meals and be able to access drinks and snacks 24-7.

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Sunrise Detox Duluth
3390 North Berkeley Lake Rd. Suite 100, Duluth, GA, 30022

Individualized Alcohol and Drug Detox Care

Sunrise Detox knows that drug and alcohol detox care is most successful when it is custom-tailored directly to you. We design your unique approach with help from experienced detox specialists who supervise your well-being at all hours of the day. You will be tapered off substances safely and with prescriptions to minimize withdrawal symptoms. Whenever you’re up for it, you are able to partake in therapy to prepare you for the next steps in your recovery.

If you would like to to get started today, place a call to 888-443-3869 or fill out the form below.

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