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Detox For Bipolar Disorder And Addiction

Self-medicating your bipolar disorder with illicit drugs or alcohol can be dangerous to both your relationships and health. Sunrise Detox Center offers the initial step of addiction recovery with medically assisted detox for substance use. We’ll help you comfortably and safely cleanse your system of drugs or alcohol while you see how to manage your bipolar disorder. Don’t attempt detox alone. Contact us at 888-443-3869 now to find immediate help for bipolar disorder and addiction.

Sunrise Can Help You Stop The Bipolar-Addiction Spiral

Bipolar disorder can be very unsettling to your daily life. Shifts in mood and vitality greatly affect your mental and physical health. While addictive substances might give you some solace, they can also exacerbate bipolar symptoms and produce new problems. Once the feelings of euphoria fade, the worse you feel. As your body develops a tolerance, you require larger amounts -- or more potent substances -- to feel “normal”. This cycle of self-medication can rapidly become a substance use disorder and take charge of your life.

A medically guided detox is the opening move to end the addiction-bipolar disorder spiral. Get started by reaching out to Sunrise Detox Center at 888-443-3869.

Our staff will help you detox from drugs or alcohol while being attentive to your bipolar disorder. We appreciate the influence co-occurring mental health disorders have on drug and alcohol use and provide emotional guidance alongside withdrawal care. We’re here to guide you now.

Treating Bipolar Disorder And Addiction

No one should try to detox from alcohol or drugs without help. Withdrawal is devastating and can put your life in danger without skilled medical care. When you’re prepared to detox, reach out to Sunrise Detox Center. Our inviting detox facility and treatment methods are set up to help you detox successfully and safely.

Each patient’s treatment starts with a thorough evaluation to gather insight on your medical background and what substance you’re trying to overcome. After your initial assessment, we’ll formulate an individualized plan of treatment for you. If you have bipolar disorder, we will incorporate this into your plan and supply the proper care.

Medical Support During Detox

You will always be safe during detox at Sunrise. Our staff conducts vital sign checks every 2-4 hours throughout the detox process. If you feel unwell or have pain, they will treat your ailment. Our medical professionals are specially trained to dispense established medications to decrease discomfort and cravings so you are as comfortable as possible.

Mental Health Support During Detox

While your physical condition is our primary emphasis during detox, we also know how bipolar disorder can complicate addiction treatment. We’ll help you address your mental health and ensure you take any medication you bring for your bipolar disorder.

You also have the opportunity to participate in therapy at Sunrise Detox Center. We provide non-compulsory

  • Group therapy
  • Private therapy
  • Peer support meetings

Within therapy, you can start to explore the relationship between your bipolar disorder and addiction. In peer support groups, you’ll discover people who have been down the same road and want to motivate you to progress in your recovery. Our clinicians will help you lay the groundwork for positive coping skills that will benefit you in recovery.

If you’re struggling to locate treatment for bipolar and addiction, Sunrise Detox Center is your reliable, local detox center. We have a bed for you. Simply call 888-443-3869 today for the help you need.

Why Choose Sunrise Detox Center For Substance Detox?

If bipolar disorder is a factor in your substance use, turn to Sunrise to start your addiction recovery. We know how co-occurring disorders such as bipolar disorder influence addiction, and we work to treat both. Under our watch, you’ll get all you require to complete detox and move on to the ensuing level of your recovery.

At Sunrise, you can plan for

  • Safe, expert medical care for withdrawal symptoms
  • Optional mental health psychotherapy treatment
  • 24/7, non-judgmental care from compassionate staff
  • A nicely furnished bedroom and attached bathroom
  • Wholesome, chef-cooked food
  • Patient break rooms and leisure activities
  • Total confidentiality and patient privacy
  • Help with insurance and billing questions
  • Aftercare planning assistance

Request Help Today For Bipolar Disorder And Addiction

Don’t try to detox on your own. When you need support for bipolar and addiction, call Sunrise at 888-443-3869 or send in the form on this page. Someone will reply promptly to discuss admissions with you. We answer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call today for help.