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Attending Concerts Sober: Going to a Concert Sober is Better

February 03, 2023

Music is a huge part of the lives of many who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. It has helped them through tough times and has made celebrations more enjoyable. Many have fond memories of concerts they attended with their friends, but many of these memories are centered around drinking or using drugs. They might even be triggers that lead to continued use.

Going to a concert doesn’t have to be an excuse to use. See why going to a concert sober is actually better.

Attending Concerts Sober Vs While Using

For many who suffer from substance use, concerts are an exercise in excess. They are occasions to get as many substances as possible and then attempt to do those substances as quickly as they can. The belief is that the higher they are, the more enjoyable the concert will be. One person summed up a typical concert experience from a user’s perspective.

“We were going to see Moe. in New York City and during the 40-minute train ride we decided to drink a bottle of vodka. By the time we got to the concert I was so drunk that I had to lay down and had people pour water on me because I felt like I was overheating. My friend eventually got sick and we were thrown out of the concert. I don’t really remember any of the music.”

Attending Concerts Sober is a New Experience

Due to experiences like this and the multitude of drugs and alcohol available at concerts, many newly sober people believe they will no longer be able to attend. They are afraid that attending concerts sober will be too difficult and will put their sobriety at risk.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Once a person is sober for a while, they begin to realize there is nothing they can’t do as long as they have the correct motives and are spiritually fit. This means concerts are perfectly acceptable, and in fact, they can actually be more enjoyable sober. Another former user described her first experience attending a concert sober.

“It was one of the most amazing things that happened to me in my first year of sobriety. I had seen Dave Matthews live while using and it was all about smoking pot and drinking as much as I could. His concerts are so much better sober. This might sound a bit corny, but it was a spiritual experience. There was one point in the show where they were jamming and everyone was in the aisles dancing and having such a good time. You could feel the love and energy in the crowd and I had chills running up my spine.”

Benefits of Sobriety at a Concert

The sober experience related above is something often repeated by people who have gotten sober and started to attend events again. The belief that the concert experience can only be enjoyed through the lens of inebriation is smashed once a person attends their first concert sober.

A deeper appreciation for the music can be had because life appears more vibrant and real when it is not dulled by substances. Live music becomes more exciting. It is similar to how many people who get sober look at the sky and notice how beautiful it is for what seems like the first time in their life.

You Will Actually Remember Going

Attending concerts sober also means that you will remember it. This idea is somewhat of a novelty to many people who are just getting sober because not being able to remember the concert was sometimes seen as a badge of honor. People would ask how the show was and the answer would usually sound something like, “It was amazing, I was so wasted I barely remember it.”

This is not the case once you are sober. You will be able to remember the whole night and be able to enjoy it. Here are some benefits of going to a concert sober:

  • You can still have fun

  • You can remember everything the next day

  • You don’t have to deal with a hangover

  • There is no getting sick due to your inebriation

  • You’ll be able to find your car

Enjoy the Music With a Sober Concert Group

There is even a subculture of people who experience shows sober, particularly at music festivals. For instance, Coachella recently celebrated eight years of having AA and NA meetings and Bonnaroo offers a drug and alcohol free zone. The Wharf Rats are another sober concert group started in the 1980s by fans of The Grateful Dead.

Some people retreated from life when they were using. For those who are now sober, this shouldn’t be the case. If you have a band or an artist you love, go check out their concert. Make sure your sobriety is in order, and if it is your first concert, it’s a good idea to go with other sober friends. You might just have one of the best times you’ve experienced in sobriety. Seeing how enjoyable and fun sober life can be is important to experience early on.

Here are some tips to staying sober at concerts:

  • Go with a support group or sober friends

  • Make sure you really enjoy the music

  • Have a reason to be sober after the concert

  • Move around and dance (remember you're there for the music)

  • Remember sobriety is what’s most important

Sometimes things can fall through even if you have support. Make sure you have an escape plan.

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