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Five Signs That You May Need Detox

March 13, 2022

Concluding that the answer is yes to the question is detox necessary is never an easy proposition for anyone. There are tons of emotions involved in coming to this conclusion, as well as anxieties and fears, but the reality is, that if detox is truly necessary for you, then you should not attempt to stop using of your own volition.

The reason for this is that many times when an individual gets to the point where they are even questioning if detox is necessary, they are further into their alcoholism or addiction than they may even be aware of. This means that they could suffer from medical complications if they attempt to stop on their own, or they could easily relapse back into active addiction if the proper supports are not in place.

So if you are at a point where you are wondering if is detox necessary for yourself then take a look at the signs below and see how you measure up. If you answer yes to the following statements, or if you can relate to them, then you may want to seek professional medical assistance for your substance abuse issues.

  • Do you use drugs or alcohol even when you do not want to?
  • If you do not use drugs or alcohol do you experience withdrawal symptoms?
  • Do you have a preoccupation with using drugs or alcohol when you are sober?
  • Have you ever used more than you initially intended to use?
  • Are you currently experiencing health issues because of your alcohol or drug usage?

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of questions to ask yourself, they are good mile markers for where you are currently at within your substance abuse issue. So once again, if you can relate to the above question, please seek help today.

Why is Detox Necessary?

Beyond the fact that for certain substances, like alcohol and benzodiazepines, the detox process can prove fatal if proper medical supervision is not available, one of the main reasons why detox is necessary for most people is because they find it almost impossible to stop on their own.

Many alcoholics and addicts have spent months if not years telling themselves that they will stop tomorrow, and yet tomorrow never comes. Many of these same individuals have tried to stop on numerous occasions, sometimes with limited success, only to eventually fall back into active addiction when the mood or opportunity arose. And while the first inclination may be to stamp these individuals with a label of not being ready to get sober, the reality is more than likely they simply did not have the support they needed to maintain their recovery.

Most alcoholics and addicts must have an opportunity to step back from their life during their early recovery and to be in a setting that is not only conducive to recovery but allows them the space they need to seek clarity on their situation. Detox is the first step in this and it also gives them the ability to experience withdrawals within a safe environment, where they can get the medications and counseling they need.

To look at it from another perspective, detox is the beginning of treatment for the illness of addiction. So just as if you were suffering from any other illness and would seek professional medical assistance with it, detox is the same thing but for addiction or alcoholism.  Call now 888-443-3869