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Massachusetts Recovery Advocates, Including Sunrise Detox, Relaunch Sober Society Showcase to Kick Off 2024 in Brockton

January 03, 2024

This Saturday, Brockton’s Celebrated Enso Art Gallery Sees The Welcome Relaunch Of Sober Society Showcase With Mike Smith

The Sober Society Showcase is back in Brockton to begin 2024. It’s a relaunch in its spiritual home of an ambitious recovery project started years ago to help those dealing with substance use and mental health disorders and to promote recovery in Massachusetts.

The Sober Society Showcase event had been held in Brockton regularly until a few years ago highlighting guest speakers, local organizations offering resources and live music, inspiring recovery entertainment that stays away from promoting what may trigger mental health or substance use disorders.

Born from the anguish of personal loss, the “Sober Society Showcase was built with the passion and drive to help the MA recovery community of Mike Smith. Witnessing the lives of too many friends in and around Brockton claimed by substance use disorders, he was inspired to create events providing a platform for live music without the temptation that typically accompanies a rowdy tavern atmosphere.

“There's nothing out there like this,” says Rob Demeo, one of the emcee/guest speakers and Director of Community Engagement for one of the principal resource providers at the Showcase, Sunrise Detox. “Seven years ago, this event was an unlikely lifeline in a desert of recovery resources.”

It grew as a genuine safe haven in dark Brockton winters with a network of recovery camaraderie. The community is now returning to forge more such nights without the temptation of drugs and alcohol. and Smith and DeMeo believe that its time is even more poignant to relaunch as 2024 begins.

“LIVE music from artists!” continued Demeo. “Guest speakers sharing their story! Informative recovery resource tables around the room! And LIVE art! Changing music and lives, one event can save one life if it touches the right person!”

With the support of centers like Sunrise this has become a beacon of music, connection, and support - a sanctuary in the heart of Brockton where art, music and laughter light the way, and community beats back despair. Guests can hear rising local stars like Mathematics, Exit Fame, and REF1ECT. Connect with raw, inspiring stories from recovery champions like Jay Mac and Matthew O'Malley. Discover a network of resources and guidance from organizations like Sunrise Detox and New England Medical Group, Aftermath, Ark Behavioral Health, Empower Health Group, Above All, The Crystals Align and Street Smarts- ready to empower your journey with support and information.

As the state continues to grapple with this ongoing crisis, pioneers like Smith and addiction specialists like DeMeo are calling for urgent action to ensure that treatment is accessible to everyone who needs it. And until then, doing their part in a locale much affected by the epidemic.

Whether it be opioids, alcohol or other drugs, millions nationwide have succumbed to addiction and need help. Massachusetts may grapple with a tide of addiction, but the Sober Society Showcase is back to play its part in the lifelong recovery journey.

Don't miss this epic relaunch! Mark your calendar, and step into the Enso Art Gallery for a night that will move your soul, ignite your spirit, and rewrite the story of recovery in Brockton!

The Center in Millbury, MA, is part of the behavioral health family of Praesum Healthcare, which began in 2004 with a single Sunrise detox establishment and has expanded to thirty facilities across five states. Sunrise Detox Millbury is accompanied by other recovery resource providers such as Aftermath, Ark Behavioral Health, Empower, Above All, The Crystals Align and Street Smarts.


  • Date: Saturday, January 6th

  • Time: 6-9 PM EST

  • Location: Enso Art Gallery, 50 Centre Street, Brockton, MA 02301

About Sunrise Detox/Praesum Health:

Sunrise Detox is a leading provider of detoxification services, offering medically supervised programs to help individuals overcome addiction and begin their journey towards recovery.

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