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Sunrise Detox Center Is it safe to detox at home?

Why Can't I Detox at Home?

April 26, 2023

You may have seen the ads claiming that you can get sober if some treatment center works with you in your home. You may even think, “Why can’t I just detox at home?”

Unfortunately, a home or self-detox isn’t usually a smart move. Detox is the very beginning of your recovery journey, and the environment in which you seek treatment is most important. Real recovery begins with a nurturing and safe location to address your substance use disorder. Detoxing at home can lead to painful withdrawal symptoms, relapse, or even death.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt A Home Detox For Drugs Or Alcohol

Home and self-detoxes are popular Hollywood tropes that feature people fighting the temptation of drugs and alcohol through their own tenacity. Usually, the TV show starts with the addict going “cold turkey” off the substance of choice, spending some time sweating out the substance in their room. There’s very little outside support or treatment, outside a fight or two with someone from their TV family. And in the end, they are cured of the substance forever.

Unfortunately, life isn’t a TV show, and it can be dangerous to do through an at-home detox. Real discomfort comes from alcohol or drug withdrawal. Depending on the substance, these withdrawal symptoms can be deadly. Often, you’ll simply return to your drug of choice in an attempt to alleviate symptoms.

Also, You shouldn’t have to worry about anything extra when you’re in an alcohol or drug detox program. You certainly shouldn’t have to worry about your history of specific triggers for substance use. In a home setting, you cannot sever yourself from the day-to-day problems or the toxic people that help you use. It’s much easier to start your rehabilitation with a blank slate and skilled professionals.

"Detoxing at home immediately places you behind in a numbers game with life and death consequences,” said Kevin Biemuller, Director of Services for Sunrise Detox. “Removing oneself from a home environment and going into a safe, structured, sober environment such as Sunrise Detox removes potential speed bumps to recovery commonly found while detoxing at home. Removing the speed bumps and placing care into the hands of the team at Sunrise increases the chances for a successful recovery exponentially.

How To Detox In A More Comfortable And Safer Environment?

As you decide to go through detox, look towards an accredited facility with dedicated doctors, nurses, counselors, and behavioral health experts. They will monitor your condition and maintain your comfort around the clock. They can use medication to reduce the withdrawal symptoms that can derail attempts at recovery and make sure you taper safely. Detox is not an easy process, but professionals can make it easier.

A detox center can also tackle the reasons behind your substance use. Through real individual therapy, family therapy, and coordinated medical and behavioral healthcare, you have a better chance of getting to the next stage of recovery. Counselors can gently get you the emotional support you need to deal with the anxiety, stress, and depression that can accompany detox. Then they’ll help you create an aftercare plan so you can continue working on your recovery and avoid relapse.

What to Look For In A Detox Facility

Strong accredited inpatient drug and alcohol detox facilities have what simply cannot be delivered in a home environment:

  • Attentive medical professionals available 24 hours a day

  • Fully furnished contemporary bedrooms with private bathrooms

  • Single-occupant rooms per special request

  • Nourishing, chef-made meals/snacks

  • A resident area with television lounge and game area

  • Outside recreational space

After you complete detox, there are multiple options to continue your recovery journey. You may want to go on to a 24/7 inpatient recovery center with a full continuum of care. But, there are some outpatient options that include individual therapy, family therapy, and coordinated medical and behavioral healthcare.

But starting the recovery voyage from home, it’s just too difficult.

Call Sunrise Detox To Start Your Safe Recovery

Sunrise Detox Center provides medically directed detox services that maintain your safety and minimize the uneasy effects of withdrawal symptoms. Its serene locations help with the stress of detox, and skilled staff members are on-location 24/7 to address all your medical and recovery needs. Call us at 888-443-3869 and get help today.